One spare dollar

We have started actively pinching pennies more than usual over here in preparation for our next adoption. The start up costs have started adding up as we knew they would and we are preparing for battle by arming ourselves with frugality.  This month required a little creativity which is right up my alley.  I had paid all of our bills for the month and was feeling pretty good about that. Without going into personal financial details, let’s just say that our checking account was pretty low after paying the bills. This did not worry me because I had just recently gone grocery shopping, and had paid all the bills. Well, I should say it didn’t worry me until I saw one more bill creep out from under the pile of papers in front of me.  This particular bill for $36 could not be ignored because it was to renew my car registration that will expire at the end of the month.  When you are saving for an adoption even $36 is a lot of money. For one tiny moment, I began to worry. Let’s just say that my dark side likes to worry. I stopped myself because, I had to face it, I am not willing to lose hope over 36 silly dollars. It just so happens that Eric and I have what we call our Bag o’ Crap. You know what I am talking about, it’s that tote bag that you shove everything in when you want to pretend your house is clean. The one that falls out of the coat closet  if you open the door too quickly. The Bag o’ Crap had been getting pretty overstuffed these past few weeks as we have been concentrating our energy on adoption paperwork, taking on an extra contract job, filming our adoption video, taking the 100 photos our agency wanted and oh yes parenting a 2.5 year old boy.  Don’t you know I started working through that bag and putting things where they actually belong. Lo and behold, what is in that bag but a check, and not a check for $36 but a check for $37! One spare dollar! You are probably wondering how this could be possible that we would actually have a check for $37. Two of our family members carry on a tradition where they give us a check for our anniversary for $25 plus the number of years we have been married. We just celebrated our 12 anniversary and so naturally we received a $37 check. My friends I tell you this story to encourage you all. The reason I didn’t cash that check previously was because things were pretty hectic and because God knew I was going to need that $37 a few weeks later.  May you find your $37 check and have one spare dollar exactly when you need it, too!


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