The most important couponing tool

coming into June 056

So, I have discovered what I have been missing all along.  A good pair of scissors specifically for couponing. I have been thinking it about it for a while and thought perhaps I should put a pair on my Christmas list this year. But that is still 6 months away and I definitely don’t have a pair of scissors that I currently love. I purchased a new pair on my lunch break the other day and couldn’t wait to try them out. I was tempted to bring them into the office but didn’t want to forget to bring them home.  So, after dinner last night I ripped open the package and tried them out. They are fabulous. They have a beautiful crisp cutting sound!  I love them and have already warned the hubby not to use them for anything other than couponing. I didn’t see the exact pair I bought on-line, but these are similar:<a href="” title=”scissors”>

The ones I bought are Westcott and I believe the real key here is the bent handle.  When you use them on coupons which remain on the table you can still glide easily through the paper without cutting clumsily.


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