And… Action!

Well, it’s official. We are now active on the waiting list for a baby at our adoption agency. This comes with surprising mixed feelings of excitement and hesitancy. It isn’t that I am cautious about the adoption, rather I am wondering if we can possibly get our home/lives into order enough to be ready to welcome this baby. We have that long to-do list that keeps growing with things we want to accomplish. Some of these things have been put off too long because of the tremendous effort it takes to become active with an agency. Now that we are all finished with the paper chase, the photo chase, oh and the video chase, too, we have time to work on that list in theory. At close to the top of the list is renovating our guest room to be ready for our son to move into and settle in before the new baby arrives. I am looking forward to sharing with you our project as it unfolds in the next few weeks or months depending on how it goes. It is a little tricky to figure out that timetable of this transition given that we don’t know when baby #2 will arrive. Ultimately, we could be matched tomorrow (not likely, but technically possible) or it could take a year or more. From match the baby could be already waiting for us in a hospital in some state or could still be cooking in his or her birth mom’s womb. So, we plan on getting started.

Also on the top of the list is saving money, of course. When it comes to saving money, doesn’t it always seem that the more urgent the need for you to save money, the harder it is to resist temptation. For example, I love Gymboree clothing for my son. They seem to have clothing that I both like and that my son does as well. He especially loves all of the socks they have with cute things on them (which don’t seem to exist elsewhere in the market of boy socks). I follow, where I glean many of my saving and shopping plans. So, they are having their semi-annual sale and the prices are tempting. Additionally, tempting is the fact that for every so much you spend they give you Gymbucks which allow you to come back at a later date and spend more money…very clever. Here is the thing I must remind myself of, as well as any of you reading this who are trying to save a dime here or there, it is not a bargain if you buy something on sale that you do not need! I am so happy for the voice of reason that reminded me of this today on Shannon from had posted a reminder about the sale. Just what I needed to follow that sale reminder was an ad for Pampers Swaddlers diapers. Boom – there is was right in front of me, the gentle reminder of where my priorities need to lie. Yep, that’s right currently my son does not need any clothing. Perhaps he could use a pair or two of pajamas for the summer but otherwise I do not need to buy him a single item of clothing today. Seeing that Pampers ad with the little tiny baby reminded me of what I do need to save for….lots and lots of diapers!


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