End of Camp Teacher Handprint Card Idea

campfire handprint

It hit me in the shower this morning, and I couldn’t wait to get me son out of bed and down to breakfast to make this clever card for his camp teachers. It took all of 5 minutes for this busy mom to whip up with the help of a little hand. I have always loved handprint projects and this is no exception. If you like directions here they are:
Supplies needed: red and yellow finger paint, cardstock (I used white), markers (I prefer washable), a paper plate, baby wipes (optional), a precious little hand.
1) Write the following message on the top of the card:
“Miss or Mr. (fill in the name), Thanks for camping with me this summer. We sure blazed a lot of trails together, didn’t we? Love, (insert your child’s name)”
2) put a blob of yellow and a blob of red finger paint on the paper plate. Allow your child to rub his or hand in the paint to create a mix of the colors.
3) Place and guide the child’s hand on the bottom of the card being sure to leave room for the hand-drawn logs.
4) Remove your child’s hand and immediately wipe with a baby wipe before heading to the sink. I find this avoids calamities.
5) Carefully draw in your logs for the camp fire below the handprint.
6) If you are doing this at breakfast on the way to camp like we were, use a hair dryer to dry the paint before heading out the door. This will save your car from being painted, too.

See my next posting for instructions on how to make the trailmix gift to go along with this cute (if I do say so myself) card.

Have fun,


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