Crown Me Traveler Tip : Permanent Packing List

I’d like to take my blog in a specific direction for at least the foreseeable future in hopes that I write more often, share my random life hacks, and be more concise. Thus, I present you with Crown Me Tips.  Your first is a Crown Me Traveler tip on packing, just in time for summer.  I found myself rushing to jot down my packing list in the midst of trying to get everything else accomplished before leaving.  It became a joke when we would get in the car, say a prayer for a safe and smooth journey, and then look at one another and say, “Ok, what did we forget this time?”  Enter my permanent packing checklist! I’ve laminated it, and it’s left inside a suitcase.  A dry erase marker lets me modify the list as needed, crossing off what we don’t need to bring this time, and allowing me to check things off as I throw them in the suitcase.  I’ve saved it in Word so that when our needs change significantly I can modify it.  Help yourself to my version, or make one of your own. I do hope it will leave you feeling organized and ready to take on your next packing adventure without leaving anything at home.

Additional tips:

You can laminate your packing list at most copy centers if you don’t own a laminator for a couple dollars. (usually about a $1.75 to laminate plus the cost of the copy if you electronically send them the document). I tried using a clear plastic sheet used in binders before I decided to laminate it, and it did not work well. For us, it became cheaper to purchase a laminator because I do a lot of laminating for my daughter’s therapy projects. It is actually something that was affordable at about $20.00 for an Amazon Basics one.


I like to use 5 mil laminate sheets because it gives me a sturdier product that seems to last longer.


If you use your laminator for different projects that don’t use a full page, you can cut off the unused portion BEFORE placing in the laminator and use it later for a small project. I do this often and it works well.


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