Let’s see, where do I begin? My parents decided to name me Emily way before it was cool, and so I am a 30 something Emily. I am a proud mama to the most amazing little boy  and sweet little girl who came into our life through the miracle of domestic adoption. My husband and I have been married over fifteen years, and we make a pretty great team around the house. Our struggle with infertility left us longing to be parents for many years. Thus the name Crown Me Mama came to mind for this blog because of the yearning born within me to become a mom when I just couldn’t be. When I finally became a mom I had already decided I wanted to be called Mama. Becoming a Mama was a momentous occasion, something that I couldn’t earn but something I had worked very hard toward. I guess you could say it felt like I had been planning and dreaming of the day when it would come to be much like a royal imagines taking the throne. God saw to it, to hear my prayers, disregard them, and answer them in a better way than I could have imagined. I didn’t give birth to a baby as I prayed, rather God did better and saw that my son and his birth family found their way into our lives. And a few years later my daughter’s birth family found our adoption profile on the internet.  I believe this was an intentional action, and I am so glad God didn’t think to answer my prayer because his answer was better. I cannot imagine any other children being mine and I don’t just say that because they are my children. I say that because I strongly believe that they were created with the purpose of coming into our family through adoption. Ultimately, when I try to talk about myself it all comes back to being a Mama. I recently was part of a downsize that has landed me right where I have longed to be, home with my children.  It has been a challenging gift after being a full-time working mama for over 5 years.  The best job I have ever had is to be a Mama and I am seeking to find a job that will allow me to be home with my kiddos while still contributing to our family income.
I started this blog when our family was once again on the adventure of adoption and I wanted to share that journey with you all. This time around it was different. I didn’t wonder if I would ever have the opportunity to become a Mama because I already was. The burden of infertility has been lifted and instead all that remains in terms of obstacles are the finances. I am a glass half full kinda girl and so I am just digging deep and doing what I do best, getting even more resourceful. I hope to share that resourcefulness with anyone willing to read my blog in hopes that it can help others in some small way with wherever they are in life. Moreover, I am always bursting with ideas that I would love to share. My husband and I are foodies, we love to cook. By default we are also DIYers and have restored or remodeled most of our 1930s home on our own. I will also warn you that I am a bargain queen. I love the thrill of a bargain and while it was born out of necessity, I would like to say that even I had excess finances I would still use my money wisely. I love to decorate my home with eclectic finds that mix old with new. I dabble in photography with my trustee SLR that I still cannot take off auto mode. So, I cannot guarantee what you might find in this blog, but I do hope that you enjoy it. Thanks for stopping by.


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