Boxed (gasp) Wine: Crown Me A Frugal Foodie

bota box pic


This is a Crown Me Frugal AND a Crown Me Foodie Tip about our “house” wine. I am continuing with my new Crown Me Mama tips. If you missed it, read about my Permanent Packing List here. In the past we would only have wine on hand for a special occasion, because otherwise, we wouldn’t think to buy it.  Ironically, now that we have children we drink wine more often than we used to at home.  It replaces going out because let’s face it, parents of young children don’t really go out.  Further, parents with young children don’t think to buy wine, they just realize they don’t have any in the house and would love a glass. That’s where Bota Box comes in.  A boxed wine for anti-boxed wine people. When you think of boxed wine don’t automatically think it’s awful and only for great Aunt so and so.   Tucked right next to the gross boxed wine section of your store is a section entitled, “Premium Boxed Wine.” Premium boxed wines actually tastes good, in fact great. I would compare it to a house wine at a restaurant or the homes of Italy, and now it is our house wine, too.  It’s not the wine you’ll drink on your birthday (Although you certainly could with dignity), however, it’s a very decent, actually award winning wine.  In a blind taste test, Bota Box has actually won several awards and people thought it was from a bottle. On the box it boasts 47 Gold Medals and 19 Best buys Awards.  Trust me book club will never be the same without a Bota Box on hand.

Here’s why you should buy it (and let me say I’m not famous enough for someone to pay me to say any of this – so this is free advice with no strings attached):

  1. Ever think that once you open a bottle you have to find someone to drink it with you or it will go skunky on you? You can have one glass and not go back another day to a partial bottle of terribly ruined wine. It has a vacuum bag inside the box that keeps the air out and the wine fresh for up to a few months.
  2. It’s in an environmentally friendly cardboard box made from recycled materials. And it’s BPA free.
  3. It has the equivalent of 4 bottles of wine in one box.
  4. They even make cute mini boxes to pack in a suitcase, take on a picnic, or throw in your purse for a BYOB. In other words, you won’t worry that you’ll arrive with a purse full of broken glass.
  5. There are other premium wines worth trying, but this is the brand that made premium boxed wine a Thing.
  6. You like red, your partner likes white? No problem, you can have a box of each on hand. If friends stop by you can offer them either.
  7. And of course, the price is more affordable than buying 4 bottles of decent, not special occasion wine. Depending on if there is a sale, it’s about $20 to $22. So, that’s about $5 a “bottle.” When is the last time you had a $5 bottle of wine that tasted good?

I’ll admit the first time I was offered a Bota Box glass of wine, I was skeptical. But as soon as I took a sip, I was sold. And honestly, besides special occasions, this is what we have on hand. Excuse me while I go have an inch of a lovely 2014 Pinot Noir, yep from a Bota Box.


*I really want to make it clear that if you have a drinking problem, I don’t recommend buying a box of wine (or obviously keeping alcohol in your house period). If you find yourself drinking more wine than you normally would after buying this to an extreme, then perhaps you should think about not buying it again. All of the normal rules apply: don’t drink and drive; please don’t drink when your pregnant even if your doctor claims a glass of wine is fine (it’s really not, I go to trainings on these things); and please don’t drink if you can’t stop. And please make your own opinion, but respect mine.